NH Anthem

Versos creados por la Promoción 2008 como obsequio por el XX Aniversario del Colegio – Música: Prof. María Cecilia García y Prof. Marcelo Sanjurjo.

Northern Hills Anthem

We are together amongst the woods
Learning more than we thought we could
Along with teachers we commit ourselves
To working, sharing and giving our best

Oh Northern Hills we want to give you glory
Give us the tools so as to write our story
Oh Northern Hills our second home
The perfect place for us to grow

Your invisible fences with wisdom are built
Inspiring us with responsible freedom,
Northern Hills is young with hope for prosperity
Built upon and for the sake of integrity

Oh Northern Hills…

Brick after brick everyday we must
Build this shrine of knowledge, love and trust
Everlasting bonds, will be created
A unique friendship consolidated

Oh Northern Hills…