Spanish Immersion

International SSL Exchange Programs

(Spanish as a Second Language)

A world Beyond Your Imagination That We Can Help You Discover !!!!

Learn about and appreciate other cultures by being immersed in them… Learning about other identities helps you discover your own!

Once in a lifetime experience in Mar del Plata, Argentina that opens your mind!

  • Complete immersion into the Spanish language, customs and culture.
  • Spend one month in Argentina.
  • A genuine experience of living the culture and its traditions.
  • Receive daily hands-on Spanish classes at an Argentine school taught by native Argentine teachers with focus on communicative skills.
  • Participate in extra-curricular activities at Northern Hills School such as sports and arts.
  • Participate in a community service activity.
  • Take part in city tours with language enrichment activities.

Argentina in Brief

Argentina is a democratic republic of 40 million, located in the southern cone of South America. Its European style and manner meld with the landscape of the Pampas to produce a unique setting.

Northern Hills School

Northern Hills School is situated in Mar del Plata, Argentina, a beautiful coastal city with miles of captivating beaches only twenty miles from the mountains.


About Northern Hills

Northern Hills School is a k-12 bilingual school. Its International Department has been connecting schools in North Carolina and Argentina since 1996. Our personal approach caters to students’ individual needs, making their stay in Argentina a life changing experience. International Exchange Program alumni have gone on to major in Spanish and to continue their studies in international fields not only in the USA but also in Argentina and Europe. The friendships and connections that are formed cross boundaries and last a life time.


We Invite You to Join Our Program

As an exchange student you will participate in our Spanish classes and extra curricular activities. Your day will be split between small private hands-on classes and language enrichment activities.
The program also focuses on community service activities which gives American students the opportunity to interact in the Argentine community using their talents to affect the world around them in a positive way.

community service

“Argentina”. The word brings a rush of wonderful memories to mind, and also the bittersweet pang of remembering the friends I miss so dearly.
However, I would never exchange the opportunity I had for anything in the world.
I made countless numbers of friendships, learned a grat deal of Spanish, and acquired a plethora of knowledge that I could never have learned by sitting in a classroom.
The exchange program at Northern Hills is learning at its best: it is fun, engaging and it provides the knowledge of another culture that is becoming so increasingly necessary in the modern day world of globalism.

- Joanna - Recent Exchange Student

Living This Experience Will Help You Return Home A Different Person

  • You will greatly improve your Spanish fluency.
  • You will learn about and understand other cultures which will help you get to know yourself a lot better.
  • You will be able to compare your culture with others which will help you choose your own set of values from a more ample view point and give you a firmer stance in life.
  • You will form international friendships which will last forever.
  • An integrated international experience will broaden your horizons and prepare you for high school and future international experiences.

Dear Parents,

In raising our children we are faced with the challenging and exciting task of introducing them into the world with a broad and solid formation.

We all know that in the integrated global village we live in today, we will better prepare our children for their future by giving them an integral and international education. It is of utmost importance for them to learn to respect and understand other cultures, other ways of thinking and other life styles.

There is no better way to teach these values than by offering them a hands-on experience.

Northern Hills Bilingual School is a private school in Mar del Plata, a beautiful coastal city in Argentina which offers you and your children this opportunity. Our program lasts one month and provides your children with hands-on language enriching activities and social experiences with our own students and community.

This program is unique in that it is organized by the owners of the school themselves which guarantees the atmosphere of care and warmth in which your child will be received. For us, it is very important that your child is felt well taken care of.

You will find it fascinating to see how much this experience helps your child mature and become more independent. He will return home not only more open-minded, but also more responsible and sure of himself. Besides the great academic assest of obtaining fluency in the Spanish language, he will return better prepared to face the challenges life has to offer him. The international experiences he will live, the friends he will make and the knowledge he will attain concerning other cultures will definitely leave a positive mark in his formation.

Ricardo and Cecilia Silva

Northern Hills Bilingual School General Heads

Spanish Immersion